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Emotes: Yawni (bored Emote)

Emotes: Yawni (bored Emote)

Emotes: Yawni (bored Emote)

Yawni is "The Bored" Emote.

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Emotes are a small race of beings with human-like emotions who live inside the internet.
They are constantly learning about the world and themselves.
Living inside the internet there is no knowledge they can’t access.
Each Emote possesses a unique power that is distinct to his or her own personality.
Emotes use their powers in their ongoing fight with Dr. Viro.
An evil genius who wants to take over the internet.

There are 12 different Emotes in blister pack.
Imp is "The Mischievous" Emote
Boom is "The Angry" Emote
Bubba "The Happy" Emote
Drain is "The Exhausted" Emote
Abash is "The Embarrassed" Emote
Cant is "The Frustrated" Emote
Joi is "The Excited" Emote
Mixy is "The Confused" Emote
Yawni is "The Bored" Emote
Ick is "The Disgusted" Emote
Jumpi is "The Shocked" Emote
Super is "The Confident" Emote