When you place an order with Space & Cartoon Safari through our website you will be asked to supply the required data. In the case it is necessary for a correct settlement of your order we will share only the required data with third parties. Space & Cartoon Safari will only use your personal data for the implementation of the agreement which you by means of your order with Space & Cartoon Safari conclude.

At the request of the customer, Space & Cartoon Safari will remove the data of this customer from the database, under the condition that the customer has satisfied his/her (payment) obligations. If wished the customer can pass modifications in his/her data to Space & Cartoon Safari either by telephone, by e-mail or in writing.

Privacy on the Internet
With each visit to our site your IP-address is recognized and possibly the domain name and the site or e-mail of origin. We keep and do not use these data as individual (personal) data, but only to analyse the navigation, visited pages and ordered articles of our site to optimise the reputation, functionality and contents of our website and e-mail newsletters.
To improve our service we make use of cookies. A cookie is a small file what at visit to our site will be placed on your computer to register information about your visit. What is stored in a cookie is dependent of your browser settings.

E-mail addresses
We keep and use exclusively e-mail addresses which are given directly to us or of which it is clear at registration that they are supplied to us. We only use an e-mail address for which this has been given to us and further for other marketing- or service aims, as far as authorisation for that has been granted. This authorisation can be withdrawn at all time. You can do this by telephone or e-mail. We never supply e-mail addresses to third parties for commercial purposes.

Miscellaneous information
Space & Cartoon Safari keeps all information which you (voluntarily) supply to us by using of our site. This information is used for fulfilling your order. If you communicate by means of our site your postal mail address and/or your telephone number, we will only contact you by phone in case we cannot reach you by e-mail (for instance when an incorrect address is given or the payment is not complete).
We have partners and special relations with third parties on the Internet, but we never supply them with your personal data, nor do we receive information you supply to those third parties (unless stated otherwise and/or is necessary).

Secure connection
To be able to ensure you of the security and protection of your sensitive information such as your creditcard number during creditcard settlements we make use of a Payment Service Provider. They have taken the necessary security measures as they use a secure SSL-connection to encode and protect your data. This ensures you of a safe online transaction. You are informed of this by the icon in the form of a closed lock that indicates the supplied information is encoded and protected. For a correct creditcard settlement you will need to turn off popup blockers before the creditcard settlement is started.

The website of Space & Cartoon Safari contains links to other sites which are no part of Space & Cartoon Safari. Therefore Space & Cartoon Safari is not responsible for the way these other Internet sites handles the privacy of their visitors.

Modification of your data
On request we grant our customers access to all information which we keep of them. Also we offer our customers the possibility to correct possible incorrect data or delete the data. You can contact us by telephone, e-mail or postal mail for this. Also if you find that our website or our actions are not in agreement to our privacy policy we request to contact us.

This privacy policy and the General Conditions of Space & Cartoon Safari apply to each visit to our website, each transaction and each agreement with Space & Cartoon Safari.
This website uses cookies to measure this visit, we do not store personal data.